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Kayla Brazier: The Young Illustrator Behind "Toby the Tiger Tamer"

When I look at Kayla Brazier, I often see a reflection of what my own daughter by birth might have looked like. This talented young lady is my 2nd cousin, and the resemblance is uncanny. Her mother and I, separated by just a month in age, have been told countless times about our striking similarities, almost as if we were sisters.

Back in 2015, during the open house event for the inception of Heart and Mind, I had the opportunity to showcase the incredible talent that Kayla brought to the table. She was the driving force behind the illustrations of “Toby the Tiger Tamer”. The feedback from children has been overwhelmingly positive. They adore the drawings, often noting that they can discern they were crafted by a young hand. I believe this youthful touch adds a layer of relatability to the story, making emotions and self-regulation resonate more deeply with our young readers.

As time has passed, Kayla has transitioned into young adulthood, but her heart remains as golden as ever. I cannot express enough gratitude for the dedication and thoughtfulness she poured into this project. It's a testament to her character and talent, and I'm proud to call her family.

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