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From Envelope to Empowerment: Celebrating the Journey Beyond the Degree


Eleven years ago today, a simple envelope arrived, carrying within it the culmination of a journey that started two decades earlier. Today, I share a reflection on the path from that envelope – containing my Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy – to the empowerment, growth, and ongoing journey it represents.

The Early Seeds:

The roots of this journey were sown in my first job at a daycare center. Working with children ignited a passion, a spark that would later evolve into a career devoted to understanding the impact of trauma on development, relationships, family dynamics, and the intricate threads that weave through our lives.

Through Motherhood, Marriage, and Business Ownership:

The journey took twists through motherhood, marriage, and entrepreneurship. As I balanced being a wife, a mother, and running a business, the path to my Masters was not always straightforward. Yet, each role played its part in shaping my perspective and deepening my understanding of the human experience.

A Degree as a Symbol:

While the degree itself doesn't make me an expert or superior, it stands as a symbol of focus, determination, and achievement. Completing a Masters while navigating the complexities of daily life – especially for someone with ADHD – speaks volumes about perseverance and commitment.

Cherishing the Career and Colleagues:

I express gratitude for a career I cherish, clients who inspire me, and colleagues who enrich my professional journey. The therapy room, the challenges, and the joyous moments have created a tapestry that defines my professional identity.

Beyond Tradition:

The journey expanded from solo practice to group practice, leading to the development of unique offerings beyond traditional therapy. As we venture into the realm of podcasts – a new chapter, a new form of expression – the journey shows no signs of reaching its final destination.

Empowering Others:

In collaboration with a dear friend, colleague, and mental health philosopher, the podcast aims to empower and encourage others on their journeys. We acknowledge that the journey is ongoing; there is no peak or end – just a continuous exploration of self, relationships, and the vast landscape of mental well-being. Reflections on Pride:

Reflecting on this journey prompts a question: What's one of your proudest moments? We often reach finish lines, only to discover that they mark the beginning of new paths. It’s the recognition that life is a series of milestones, each one unveiling new opportunities, challenges, and reasons to celebrate.


As the anniversary of that envelope's arrival is marked, I celebrate the journey – a journey that encapsulates not just the achievement of a degree but the essence of growth, resilience, and the pursuit of empowering oneself and others. Here’s to the continuous journey, ever-evolving, and the countless finish lines yet to be crossed. What's your next finish line?

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