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Amy receiving the Virginia Play Therapist of the Year Award

I am very uncomfortable tooting my own horn but I am very appreciative of the recognition of hard work. I became a play therapist because the modality can reach hurts in ways words can’t. It works. And for all ages. My first influence was Mister Rogers. He saw kids, he listened to kids, he respected kids. He saw them as capable of handling even tough things.

Thank you to Mary Beth for nominating me and for your own work keeping the play therapy community together in Richmond.

Thank you to VAPT for your support of play therapists and their clients. Best trainings ever!

Thank you to my supervisors and mentors and all those who have contributed to my learning.

Thank you to my colleagues at Heart & Mind for your hard work and commitment to helping those impacted by adoption and developmental trauma!

Thank you to my husband who is my person and has sacrificed and worked hard for me to keep learning and growing in this field. Love you forever and for always!

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