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Meet Bonnie Elzey, Our Office Superstar at Heart & Mind!

At Heart and Mind Therapy, we're proud to have Bonnie Elzey as a vital part of our team. As our dedicated office assistant, Bonnie plays a crucial role in ensuring our operations run smoothly and efficiently.

🔹 Multitasking Maven: Bonnie is the go-to person for various office duties. Whether it's handling billing inquiries, managing insurance issues, or ensuring our office is well-stocked with snacks and supplies, Bonnie does it all with a smile.

🔹 The Heart of Our Office: You might see Bonnie around the office, always busy making sure our spaces are neat and clean. Her dedication and hard work create a welcoming and organized environment for both our staff and clients.

🔹 A Friendly Face: If you have any questions or need assistance, Bonnie is always ready to help. Her approachable and helpful nature makes her a favorite among our clients and staff.

We're incredibly grateful to have Bonnie as part of our Heart and Mind Therapy family. Her contributions are invaluable, and she truly embodies the spirit of teamwork and care that we cherish.

👏 Join us in appreciating Bonnie for all that she does to keep Heart and Mind Therapy a great place to work and visit!

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