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Stability is our word of the year at Heart and Mind.

Navigating the effects of COVID-19, our company's expansion, and shifts in staff and systems, the past few years have indeed been tumultuous. Identifying the right systems for a small group private practice often presents its own set of challenges. Many platforms cater either to solo practitioners or large-scale organizations, leaving small to medium-sized businesses caught in a dilemma of either compromising on services or shouldering inflated costs. Additionally, our commitment to uphold HIPAA compliance and other healthcare regulations further compounds these challenges.

Today, we took a significant step towards our goal of stability by transitioning our phone system to Google. By leveraging Google's auto attendant and allowing team members to utilize their individual Google Voice numbers, we've enhanced our communication efficiency. This setup not only facilitates private calls or texts to clients when needed but, thanks to our BAA with Google via our Google Workspace account, ensures that all communications remain HIPAA compliant.

A heartfelt thank you to everyone involved in this seamless transition. Here's to more streamlined business communications, fewer passwords to remember, and a future of stability at Heart and Mind!

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