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Mother and Daughter


Welcome to Heart and Mind's

Parent Connections Forum.

Our mission here is to support parents during one of the most difficult and rewarding journeys out there.  In all aspects of Heart and Mind, we center ourselves in the neuroscience of our brain and body.  Understanding how our own experiences shape our identity and actions as a parent and understanding better what has impacted our children or why they may behave the way they do, we can meet our own goals as parents.


Every family is unique in their journey however many will share similar histories or experiences and connecting with others is imperative to our own ability to regulate and experience our own growth.  This is a judgment-free zone. We aren't here to criticize your parenting as we are all doing our best in the best way we know how. We simply want to support parents on different paths trying to do what's best for their families and hope we can bring some connection through relationships, supportive groups, conversations, and resources in ways that you find valuable and beneficial. 


Amy Reamer, LMFT, RPT-S

Mom, Therapist


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