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What is the Tiger Tamers Club? What is brain training?

Brain training is based around the knowledge that we can change our brain through specific and repeated stimulation, a concept known as neuroplasticity. Similar to building strength and endurance with physical exercise, we are able to build neurological pathways and synaptic activity at any age.

The Tiger Tamers Club integrates music, movement and language exercises for the purpose of improving brain function. Our family of tools addresses symptoms of emotion regulation difficulty, anxiety, autism, ADHD, auditory sensitivity, sensory challenges and learning difficulties. Tame Your Tiger programs are designed to be fun, and may be used on their own or in conjunction with other methods. In fact other types of therapy tend to go smoother and be more effective after using our programs.

To read more about neuroplasticity look up Norman Doidge, MD’s books “The Brain that Changes Itself and “The Brain’s way of Healing” #normandoidge


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