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We are moving to Lakeside!

As our Heart & Mind team has grown and our vision has taken shape we had a checklist of wants for a new space. We did not expect it to happen so soon!

We have signed a lease on a “new to us“ space at 6200 Lakeside Ave. The owner will be making some repairs to the outside and adding a few touches to the inside over the next few weeks. By the spring we will have a fenced in 18’ x 20’ foot outdoor space. This was on my wish list since I started my practice. With the pandemic it’s a must have. We will have a large group/training/Tame Your Tiger room, 8 therapy rooms, a family and adult only waiting area too. Plenty of sidewalk for outdoor art too! Here are some photos of the space as is right now. Our plan is for the last in office sessions on Hilliard will be Thursday November 5th and the new office will be open Thursday November 12th. Services via telehealth may be available that week depending on the therapist. We are so excited!

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