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Unknown Facts About Your Therapist

Do you ever wonder if your therapist thinks about you in between sessions? It’s easy to think that you’re just an hour out of their day once a week. But that’s not the whole story.

Here are some ways that therapists help:

  • Write notes and treatment plans for you.

  • Seek consultation to make sure they’re giving you the best therapy they can.

  • Read up on what you might be struggling with, looking for creative and resourceful tools to help you cope.

  • Replay a conversation you had in session as they are stuck in traffic, considering how best to follow up the next time you meet.

  • Hear a song on the radio and think how the lyrics might be meaningful to you.

  • Binge watch a series on Netflix you recommended and think about you when they do.

You are more than just an appointment.

- By Tracy Werner, Intern in Counseling

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