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Help us Help them find peace and joy

We are starting a fund for scholarships for the SSP and to start a non-profit to support training therapists that help with developmental trauma clients - help us help them tame their tigers!

When a child experiences abuse, neglect, is exposed to violence in their early years - their nervous system is in overdrive - their brains and bodies have been hijacked by their amygdala.  Their Tiger is now in charge and their owl has flown away!

This often impacts their development and ability to connect with others and can impact their ability to be successful in life. Many typical talk therapies can not reach and change the physiological changes that have occurred in their bodies - until now.  The Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP) was developed with 20 years of trauma research behind it - and it's having a lot of success and bringing joy to children and families. 

Listen to an adoptive mom's story here -

See the difference in this young lady with autism's level of fear/anxiety 

We are raising funds for scholarships for children who could benefit from the Safe and Sound Protocol which helps to balance their nervous system so they aren't living in hypervigilant survival mode any longer. This would include children who have experienced early neglect/trauma or have Autism.  Many of our recipients are children in foster care or adopted from foster care. This intervention is not covered by insurance so it's often out of reach for those with limited funds, on Medicaid or already stretched thin due to managing special needs. 

You can help a child experience peace and calm where they have only experienced chaos and fear in their own brains and bodies.

We are working on starting a non-profit to continue providing these scholarships and providing training for therapists working with these populations to get trained in the best models and interventions that help these children. Many therapists who take Medicaid have little left over to pay and attend the best trainings.  They are giving back to their communities and we want to help them. 

The funds will go to scholarships for the SSP and start up funds for the non-profit organization - 

Project - Heart and Mind Connections

Connecting Hearts and Minds through Brain Training

Connecting Therapists to Training that Heals

Connecting Children's and Parents Hearts Through Attachment and Trauma Informed Therapies, Advocacy and Education

More Connections = More Joy

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