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I hate writing! What is dysgraphia?

Negative behaviors at school are often an indicator of an underlying learning issue. The Brain having difficulty communicating with other parts of the body to take in information or get certain tasks done. One issue often not recognized is dysgraphia. Dysgraphia causes a person to have difficulty with written expression ( Writing assignments often feel very overwhelming, holding a pencil and organizing writing on lines is challenging. Often those struggling with dysgraphia have sloppy handwriting and avoid writing assignments or shut down when facing a lot of writing. They aren't being lazy or defiant, they are coping with brain and body parts not communicating well so it feels like trying to run a marathon with your shoes stuck in the mud. Very tiring and overwhelming to say the least. So if you are seeing some of these behaviors this school year investigate what's going on. An evaluation may be warranted. Try to think of behaviors as symptoms. Sneezing can mean a cold or allergies or something else. Defiance or avoidance doesn't always tell you exactly what's going on. Best wishes on a new school year for children, parents and educators!

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