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Heart & Mind Celebrates "Couple Appreciation Month"

It’s Couple Appreciation Month! Here are 5 ways you can appreciate your partner this month.

  1. Write them a note, card, or letter.

  2. Words of affirmation are a great way to show your appreciation for your spouse. It can really make them feel loved. I mean who doesn’t like a good love note! Give them a break!

  3. Take the kids out for ice cream, a movie, etc. so that your spouse is able to have some “me time” or help with regular tasks that they do around the house (folding laundry, washing dishes, vacuuming, etc.)

  4. Schedule a date night - set some time aside to take your spouse on a romantic date night. Set the mood and even get dressed up! Give them a “just because” gift. This can be anything from flowers to their favorite candy to something they’ve been asking about for a long time. Express gratitude.

  5. Something as simple as a “thank you for all you do” can go a long way.

Try some of these out and even add some of your own ways of appreciating your partner!

Read more about Couple Appreciation Month at

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