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It's Time to Rethink our Entire Approach to Preschool

“We might actually get better results, she says, from simply letting little children play.” This is the last quoted line in this article from a researcher on pre-k. What she found is that it’s not just providing any pre-k program to small children but rather how a program is conducted and where. Using schools built for older children where so much time is spent in lines going to the bathroom and cafeteria cuts down on the real learning “play”. Relationship with the teachers and being punished for behaviors normal for a 3-4 year old can diminish the benefits. Applying the learning structures and tenets for older children not only impacts these preschoolers negatively over time - we need to take what we learn from this and apply it to older children too. Healthy supportive relationships, time for music, art and play will help all of our children of all ages, from all backgrounds, have a healthier and happier developmental trajectory.

Read the article here:

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