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From Freeze to Fun

How I'm using the polyvagal theory to get healthier - emotionally and physically .

So my nervous system likes to default to freeze when I'm stressed and overwhelmed. I shut down I don't want to do anything and I feel the problem is insurmountable. So learning more about myself I decided to get my nervous system in shape (and my body) I needed to find an exercise routine that helps me move and feel stronger and more powerful - to move up the ladder from freeze to fight/flight. I've never stuck with exercise routines or classes very long. I get bored, it feels like work and I don't feel better afterwards. I've found something that works better for me - kickboxing class! I do hate the 15 minute warm up exercises - they are boring and tough because I'm so out of shape - but once we get to the bag - I LOVE it. And when it's over I feel stronger more powerful and full of energy and hope again. I have successfully moved from "I cant" to "I can". And once todays obstacle has been tackled from the fight/flight zone - I can move back into fun! (One of those is going to an escape room and flexing my Owl!)

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