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You are not weak.

I love the music and the person of P!nk. She shares herself, emotions and vulnerability through her songs, videos and performances. She says its ok to be you and not have to fit into a category or stereotype of what you “should” be. As a person, as a therapist, as a wife, mother, son, etc. A lot of my self care moments have included her music, down moments “Don’t let me get me” and up moments “So what! I’m still a rock star!” The video for “Perfect” puts out there the struggles many girls/women face and you feel less alone and hopeless. P!nk is not afraid to be afraid, neither am I and neither are my clients. Seeking help, struggling, sharing and shrinking the bad stuff does not make you weak - it makes you courageous.

Thank you P!nk! I work hard to show my clients and my therapists I work with it’s ok to be you and being vulnerable is strength not weakness.

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