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What to Expect During Your Intake Call

How to prepare for your intake call:

  • Be available to answer the phone at the time you requested. Pick up, even if it is a different number than you were expecting - we have a number of different lines the call can come from.

  • Have your insurance information and calendar available to help with set-up and scheduling.

During the call:

  • Our intake coordinator will ask some questions about the age of the prospective client, areas of concern, your insurance provider, and scheduling needs to determine availability. We have very limited availability after 3pm at this time.

  • Based on your needs and preferences, the intake coordinator will explain available options including therapists, costs, scheduling, etc.

  • If we have availability that meets your needs, the intake coordinator will collect demographic information, insurance information, and schedule your first appointment. She will also send you needed paperwork via email and explain how and when to complete those intake forms.

  • If we cannot meet your needs at this time, our intake coordinator will offer you referrals to other local agencies that may be able to help

  • Please note that our waiting list is capped at this time; we are not adding anyone new because we are unable to accurately predict how long the wait would be for a provider.

Authored by Becky Lehman, Resident in Counseling, Intake Coordinator

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