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TYT Regulation and Social Skills Group

Who: Ages 5-12

What: TYT Regulation and Social Skills Group

Where: H&M Lakeside office

When: April 17th-June14th, Mondays and Wednesdays 4:30-5:30pm

Details: This is a group setting where kids can come together to do the Focus System and practice social skills. Group members will listen to their individual program through their own headphones and do the activities together. The Focus System is for improving brain function through the implementation of brain and body integration through multisensory input. The Focus System is a clinical-level intervention consisting of therapeutically-treated music combined with fun movement activities, and, when ready, cognitive challenges to further activate brain networks. The program can improve self-regulation, mood, concentration, focus, balance, coordination, reading, ability to to access cognitive functions, sensory processing, and confidence. Cost is $30 per session or free to TYT members. It is recommended that members complete the Safe & Sound Protocol prior to joining the group. If interested, contact the TYT director at

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