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Kids Voices Matter

Mr Rogers knew this...

I watched Mr Rogers growing up. I especially loved the land of make believe and waited for the trolley to go there. I also loved special guests and when Mr Rogers would visit other people and places. I took my daughter to see the documentary in the theater. She was not as familiar with Mr Rogers. She was brought to tears during the documentary - was touched by how much he not only cared about children but how their voice was important. She gave me the biggest compliment I have ever received "He reminds me of you mom" As a parent we worry we are enough for our kids, are we getting it right at least most of the time?

If parents were more like Mr Rogers and most play therapists - valuing a child's voice and respecting their need to know and be included in what's going on in the world - they will be getting it right most of the time! #kidsvoicesmatter

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