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Jacob's Ladder Whole-Brain Model of Care

Recently, I came across Jacob’s Ladder, a unique organization based in Georgia that provides care for children with developmental delays and trauma. I learned about it through friends who adopted children from the same country as me, as well as two other countries. They told me about their youngest child, who had significant developmental delays, and how Jacob’s Ladder helped them make tremendous progress. I was intrigued and decided to sign up for their email newsletters to stay updated on their latest developments. When I found out about the opportunity to study their model and take an exam, I eagerly jumped on it. It is a dream of mine to start a non-profit organization in Central Virginia that offers this same model of care to adoptees and foster children who face difficulties in school and relationships due to developmental trauma or delays.

I’m excited to learn more about Jacob’s Ladder and its model of care and explore ways to bring this approach to my community. My hope is that by offering this type of support, we can help children overcome their developmental delays and trauma, reach their full potential, and lead fulfilling lives.

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