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Inspiring Future Play Therapists at Hungary Creek Middle School's Career Day

Amy, the owner of Heart and Mind, recently had an amazing time at Hungary Creek Middle School's Career Day. She shared her journey as a play therapist with over 100 enthusiastic students, delving into the education and licensing needed for the profession. Amy also explained the fascinating neuroscience behind play therapy and its benefits for mental health.

The students were highly engaged, asking insightful questions and showing genuine interest in the field. Amy hopes her visit inspired at least one future play therapist.

We extend our thanks to Ms. Britt, the school counselor, and the entire staff for their warm welcome and excellent organization of the event. For Amy, it was particularly special to return to Hungary Creek, where one of her children attended.

Career Day at Hungary Creek Middle School was a success, and Heart and Mind is grateful for the opportunity to inspire young minds and share the importance of play therapy.

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