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Got Sleep? Like to use music at night but hate headphones?

A Better Night’s Sleep Awaits You - and your purchase will help us help others!

The Dreampad collection features a lineup of high-quality pillows, as well as a speaker solution for under an existing pillow, to support relaxation, comfort and sleep for any sleeper using sounds and music. Using a unique, patented audio technology, Dreampad products send soothing sounds through gentle vibrations to the body, triggering a natural calming response. This sensory experience allows your brain and nervous system to slow down, relax, and send you off to dream quickly for a quality night's sleep.

The Dreampad collection is designed to help those with sleep problems that may be caused by stress, anxiety, restlessness, PTSD, autism, ADHD, traumatic brain injury, and other conditions.

Get rid of those sound machines, bulky speakers, and headphones today. Discover Dreampad and enjoy a comfortable, effective relaxation and sleep solution that won't disrupt others.

We know the power of the vagus nerve in putting our body into a state for rest and relaxation. The DreamPad is a great option for those that need help getting to sleep and headphones are too bulky or the sound disturbs others. It also takes music to the next level in helping us get to sleep.

Be careful - if you order one - you will be ordering more because no one likes to share or split time with the DreamPad!

Using our code of heartmind15 at their website will get you 15% off plus free shipping!

Or use this link for automatic savings in your cart!

(Heart and Mind Therapy does benefit from this link and the proceeds will go towards providing neuroscience and trauma informed therapy to victims of abuse)

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