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Adult Connections

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

Are you experiencing difficulties establishing and maintaining satisfying relationships? Does interacting with others often make you stressed and or anxious? In the Adult Interpersonal Therapy Group, you will have the opportunity to give and receive meaningful feedback, experiment with new behaviors, and gain greater self-awareness. A sustained focus on the “here-and-now” interactions between members serves as the primary therapeutic mechanism.

For many people, unhappiness is inextricably linked with an inability to sustain deep and connected relationships. Through experientially redefining who we are capable of being in relation to others, there is the opportunity to resolve deep wounds and long-held negative beliefs. Furthermore, research has shown group therapy to be equally as effective as individual therapy for treating a wide array of mental health and interpersonal concerns.

This fall our very own Jonah Kane-West will be offering a new group, Adult Connections. This group will consist of 14 sessions from Jan 10th-April 4th,2023. Every Tuesday from 6pm-7:30pm adults will meet to discuss anxiety, depression, chronic stress & irritability. Through participating in the group, members will grow in self-awareness and how they relate to others. New experiences of positive connection will serve as a framework within which true healing can occur.

What: Adult Connections

When: Jan 10th-April 4th

Where: 6200 Lakeside Ave

Who: Jonah Kane-West

Why: To connect and grow in self-awareness

Price: $45 per session

To sign up and schedule your free consultation with Jonah, please fill out this form:

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