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A Valentine's Day Message from Heart & Mind's Executive Director

As we celebrate the "heart" part of Heart & Mind around Valentine’s Day, we wish each of you a heart full of peace, contentment, and love. If you are feeling these things, then your nervous system in is Ventral Vagal. This is very appropriate for Valentine’s! I'm hoping you have a lot of VVVVVVs!

Here are some ways to connect this Valentine’s Day, with yourself or others:

  • Nature - Take a walk or go sit on a bench in a park. Be sure to pay attention to the sounds, smells and sights.

  • Animals - Spend some time with your pet or visit a local shelter. Animals have a social engagement system, so you can connect with them too!

  • Snack - Share a sweet snack (with a human or a pet!)

  • Be Silly - Do something silly - sing, dance, play a new game.

  • Smile at a Stranger - Make someone feel good for no reason.

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