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What happens in Vagus

Think of the Vagus nerve like a muscle. If it's not exercised it doesn't work as well - and this impacts every thing it touches - which is a lot!

It is a highway of communication and operating system to maintain balance. We all know what happens with poor communication - frustrations, misunderstandings, hurt feelings. Well when the Vagus isn't in shape there are many symptoms but rarely is it recognized as the problem. The symptoms are often diagnosed as mental health issues, there are physical complications being treated with medications. This is especially true with children who have experienced trauma (abuse, neglect, nicu stays, surgeries) - their Vagus isnt working properly and this looks like poor emotion regulation, sensory issues, anxiety, defiance, auditory hypersensitivity and more. In adults we see depression, anxiety, high blood pressure, low blood pressure and more. Many ways to work out the Vagus - breathing exercises, singing, Safe and Sound Protocol

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