Welcome to the brain gym! The tiger is the part of our brain that responds when it senses danger. If its off due to early trauma or developmental issues it will wake up when it doesn’t need to. This is what we do-Tame the Tiger!

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Brain Training Programs

Total Focus

Do you or your child struggle with sensory, motor or attention issues? The Focus Program is an active and fun process for opening up pathways in the brain for better connection, communication and overall functioning. It can improve sensory processing, focus, emotion regulation and more. It can also be used following the SSP to “work” the ANS and maintain improvements from the SSP. Ages 2 all the way to adults!

Safe and Sound Protocol

Trouble with anxiety or emotion regulation? Sensitive to loud or certain sounds? Avoid social communication? Experienced developmental issues like trauma, ADHD, Autism? The Safe and Sound Protocol is specially filtered music designed to improve the functioning of the autonomic nervous system (ANS) by getting the ANS out of Survival mode and improve its ability to calm and get out of Survival mode quicker and stay out of it. The ANS which is often not working properly/out of balance due to traumatic experiences, genetic or other developmental issues. The SSP is THE ONLY listening therapy of its kind - backed by 30 years of research on the Autonomic Nervous System and Vagus Nerves. Ages 2 all the way up to adults!


Heart & Mind is a group mental health therapy practice in Richmond, VA, founded to bring true long-lasting healing to the core foundational needs of children, adults, parents and families impacted by adoption, early trauma, neglect and attachment challenges. Heart & Mind empowers connections through mental health counseling, brain training, neuro-informed services and education. Our staff has extensive training and experience in adoption counseling, developmental trauma, play therapy, Safe and Sound Protocol and EMDR.



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