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Executive Director, Owner
Amy is passionate about helping others heal their hearts from past hurts - through the use of research and evidence based practices infused with the latest neuroscience research. She has personal and professional experience with adoption, developmental trauma and other developmental disabilities. She is a self-proclaimed "brain geek" and continuously finds fun ways to incorporate the latest neuroscience research into evidence-based practices specializing in the effects of early trauma or neglect on the brain and the best ways to help children and teenagers heal. She is the author of "Toby the Tiger Tamer" and the developer of the Tame Your Tiger Brain Training Program.​ Amy is the 2021 Play Therapist of the Year for the state of Virginia. Additionally, Amy will hold a 2021 Endorsement from The Virginia Association for Infant Mental Health; Category III Infant Mental Health Specialist (IMHS). Amy is not currently taking new clients. She is supervising the Heart & Mind team, providing workshops, adoptive parent coaching, and supervision for therapists for licensure as a MFT in VA, play therapist and consultations.

Amy Reamer, LMFT, RPT-S

Executive Director, Owner


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