Heart & Mind is a group mental health therapy practice in Richmond, VA, founded to bring true long-lasting healing to the core foundational needs of children, adults, parents and families impacted by adoption, early trauma, neglect and attachment challenges. Heart & Mind empowers connections through mental health counseling, brain training, neuro-informed services and education. Our staff has extensive training and experience in adoption counseling, developmental trauma, play therapy, and EMDR.



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As we continue to grow the challenge to provide high quality, appropriate services to families impacted by complex developmental trauma is difficult. Often the necessary and most helpful services are not covered adequately or at all by health insurance. We want to maintain quality providers with the best training and compensate them well for their expertise and hard work AND also have our services remain accessible to those that need it the most. This can be challenging to accomplish.


We are working to develop ways to give back and connect with our community and allow our community to support others in need that may not have access to our care.  Keep an eye on this page, sign up for our newsletter or contact us to find out how you can connect with us to help those that need it most.


Taming the Tiger for Play Therapists


Looking for a way to empower
self-regulation and help teach children and families about their brain?

Adoption, Trauma, Attachment Issues Which comes first?


When children are not able to be raised by their birth parents the effects are very complex. Words like attachment, adoption, trauma are used a lot. When a child is struggling how do you know which issue is the problem?

Adult Adoptee Group


We are gathering an interest list for a creative and expressive group to connect adult adoptees together and work through any areas of struggle you may be having.





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