Amy reamer, lmft, rpt  counseling in richmond

Amy is passionate about helping others heal their hearts from past hurts - through the use of research and evidence based practices infused with the latest neuroscience research.  She has personal and professional experience with adoption, developmental trauma and other developmental disabilities. She is a self-proclaimed "brain geek" and continuously finds fun ways to incorporate the latest neuroscience research into evidence-based practices specializing in the effects of early trauma or neglect on the brain and the best ways to help children and teenagers heal. She is the author of "Toby the Tiger Tamer" and the developer of the Tame Your Tiger Brain Training Program.

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Olivia Faries, LCSW

"Experiencing challenges with life transitions? Feeling Overwhelmed? Don't struggle alone."

Olivia works with individuals, families, and adolescents who find themselves struggling with life transitions, are experiencing anxiety and/or depression, or may even have experienced significant trauma in their lives.Olivia is an adoptive parent herself and has worked with adoptive families for many years as they work through the joys and challenges that come with creating families through adoption.​  She utilizes both a psychodynamic approach and cognitive behavioral techniques in her work, moving towards strengthening resilience and ultimately increasing one's level of hope and happiness.

Olivia works with ages 12 and up individually, couples and families.

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"I wanted to start my own agency to expand the resources available to adults and children who may be struggling with past traumas, adoption issues or developmental/learning disabilities - too many of these issues are misdiagnosed or mislabeled. Trauma is not born out of words- it occurs through experiences - and to heal those wounds, words alone are often not enough. So I started a group practice to bring together professionals trained in many different therapy models which are helpful in healing, with and without words."​ Amy Reamer, LMFT, RPT

Addressing the Needs of theHeart with the Brain in Mind

mallory goldman, lcsW  counseling in richmond

I am here to help you or your loved one reach their full potential. I assist children,  adolescents and adults with overcoming challenging circumstances. Many of those I work with have low self-esteem, experienced a traumatic event such as divorce, violence/abuse, loss of a loved one, or experiencing one of life's transitions.

My approach focuses on identifying strengths/resiliency, trauma focused-cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness techniques, and utilizing creative self-expression through sand-tray, play, art, music and journaling.

I believe that each individual is unique and I am committed to assisting you explore the best method of therapy that works for you or your child. I work with ages 4 to adults.

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Now Hiring a Licensed Therapist with Training in Play Therapy

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"I speak music, trauma and strengths." counseling in Richmond

I believe that humans are extremely resilient and have an amazing ability to overcome some of life’s most difficult obstacles.   

I have over twelve years of extensive experience in the field working with adolescents and adults.  I work from a strengths based approach using cognitive behavioral therapy techniques and employ music, art, mindfulness, movement, and imagery in sessions. I have immediate day availability so contact me today to see if the fit is right to help you on your journey.  

Anna works with ages 8 and up individually, younger for developmental issues using music therapy as a main focus in sessions.                            

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"I speak play and creative healing." counseling in Richmond

I work primarily with children, survivors of domestic and sexual assault, and those directly and indirectly impacted by trauma.    While some like to process problems through talking, others benefit from different therapeutic approaches that work with the brain’s ability to process events.  I use play therapy, story writing, art, music, and other creative expressions to explore ways of healing. For the past ten years I have worked with a variety of individuals including children, families, and adults struggling with many different issues. I am working towards my license as a clinical social worker under the supervision of Olivia Faries, LCSW and receiving play therapy supervision with Amy Reamer, LMFT, RPT. 

I offer a flexible schedule which includes daytime and evening hours and accept private pay. 


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samantha reamer

Office Manager

Sam is often the first person you will talk to when calling Heart and Mind Therapy. She works hard to answer questions and help match you to the best therapist for you and make you feel welcome.

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Heart and Mind Therapy

Jettie norfleet, lpc

"I believe strongly in the mind-body-soul connection"

I wholeheartedly believe that everyone has an internal ability to access emotional wellness. I enjoy partnering with individuals as they navigate life transitions.I work with a variety of issues, with a main focus on anxiety, adjustment issues, relationship issues, stress management, spiritual concerns, self-harm, self-esteem/self-worth issues, as well as survivors of abuse and trauma. I specialize in working with children, adolescents, college students, young adults, and families. I strongly believe in the mind-body-soul connection and integrate that philosophy along with cognitive behavioral therapy techniques and expressive techniques. I am bilingual and offer counseling services to our Spanish speaking clients. 

Jettie works with ages 6 and up individually and with families. Currently Jettie takes self pay (cash/credit/HSA), and Anthem.

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