Addressing the Needs of theHeart with the Brain in Mind

Heart and Mind Therapy

Zones of Regulation by Leah Kuypers

Wednesdays 5:00 - 6:00 pm March 7th - April 25th 

7 week group (no group spring break week) for children ages 8-12 

Does your child have difficulty with regulating their emotions? When they are up its hard to come down? 

"The Zones" uses 4 color zones to help children learn about and regulate their moods and states of alertness. It provides a great framework and communication tool for improving self-regulation.   This is a fun, experiential group which will help your child regulate themselves and improve their self confidence.


An individual intake appointment is required prior to the group starting. Call 804-307-2801 or fill out the form below to register. Group is $200 - includes the intake appointment and all 7 weeks! Space is limited.

Adult Adoptee Support Group

1st Wednesday of Every Month 11:45am - 1pm

Adoption is an experience that impacts a person differently throughout their life - and can at times be a lonely journey. Those that know you are adopted may not be the ones you can discuss certain thoughts and feelings with - and others may not even know you were adopted. Trans-cultural and trans-racial adoption can contribute to identity and acceptance issues.  Bring your lunch to this group and mingle with others that share a common thread of adoption. Heart and Mind will provide water and dessert and the group will be supported by a mental health professional - to support conversation, provide experiential and creative outlets for expression.   

$25 per session Call 804-307-2801 or fill out the form below to register. 

Child Parent Relationship Therapy

Use the form below to sign up for notifications or arrange for a group.

​ Call 804-307-2801 or fill out the form below to register. 

Peaceful Parenting Workshop

Saturday February 24th, 2018 10am - 12:30 pm

Looking for more peaceful days and nights? This workshop teaches the Peaceful Parenting philosophy and strategies that focus on how to parent through connection, respect, love, and acceptance to gain cooperation without using spanking, time-outs, or other punishments.  This is an introductory class that teaches the Peaceful Parenting philosophy and how to implement in your home.  This workshop is for those looking for a kind and respectful way to raise children into responsible, kind, confident, emotionally healthy, out-side-the-box thinkers.  

$50 per person or $75 per parenting couple Call 804-307-2801 or fill out the form below to register. 

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