Whole Brain Parenting                                                              Next Start Date:  Fall 2017

What is Whole Brain Parenting?

This 7 week workshop for parents will be based on the books "The Whole Brain Child" and the workbook written by Dr. Dan Siegel and Tina Payne Bryson. Parents will learn in fun, simple ways about their child's developing brain. The workshop includes real life strategies to use to not only reduce meltdowns and struggles - but to also build up their child's emotional intelligence - which has been shown necessary to navigate well in many areas of life.  

The group will be led by Amy Reamer, LMFT, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. She may be assisted by another mental health professional depending on the size of the group.

1st session is from 7:30 pm-9:00 pm, following 6 weeks are 7:30 pm - 8:30 pm on Wednesdays.

Pre-Registration must be done by phone 804-307-2801 or using the form below. 

Payment is due in full at first session, debit/credit card, cash, check accepted. $199 per person, $299 per parenting couple.  

Beneath the Mask - Group for Adopted Teens                    Next Start Date:  Fall 2017

​​Adoption is a topic often held close to the heart of adoptees. Teens don't broadcast their adoption to others so often they have difficulty connecting with others who have shared a similar experience.  This group gives them the opportunity to come out from "Beneath the Mask" and not feel alone with their experiences and share with others from a similar place. The group incorporates expressive therapies to communicate and explore thoughts and feelings in ways that go beyond words alone. Support for adoptive parents available too!

The group will be led by Amy Reamer, LMFT and assisted by another mental health professional.

Pre-Registration must be done by phone 804-307-2801 or the form below. 

$45 per group session, 8 weeks 1 1/2 hour groups plus intake/assessment session.  Debit/credit card, cash, check, CSA funds accepted. Pre-Registration via  804-307-2801 or the form below. $5.00 per session discount if paid in full at intake $360 total.


Mind - Body - Art Group for Teens ages 13-18         Next Start Date: July 10th, 2017

Emotional awareness & exploration is not always easy but through the power of art and mind-body practices participants will better understand, release, and regulate anxieties, fears,  sadness,  as well as joys & successes.  Art therapy, yoga and other sensory experiences will be used to develop healthy coping skills, release anxiety, heal from past and present traumas, and connect with others in a meaningful and healthy way. Teens ages 13-18 are welcome to join.  

​8 sessions  Mondays 6:30-7:30 pm        $30 per session +  $30 intake/assessment (if not a current client)
This will be a continuous group allowing new registrations at the start of each new 8 weeks.  After week 3 new registrations will be held until the next 8 week cycle begins.                                 Next group begins soon! Fill out the Form Below to Get Notifications and schedule intake

The group will be led by Becky Jacobson, a Registered Art Therapist and Resident in Counseling. 

Pre-Registration must be done by phone 804-307-2801 or use the form below.  

$30 per session (paid at each group session) + $30 materials fee (one time fee paid at intake, cash, credit/debit card, HSA, FSA, CSA funds accepted)

Group Therapy in Richmond is Helpful for:

  • Parent-Child Relationships
  • Anxiety Help in Richmond
  • Distress Tolerance
  • Depression
  • Grief/Loss
  • Self-Harm
  • Eating Disorders
  • Traumatic Histories
  • Dissociation


Fill out the Form at the bottom of the page and you will receive further information on dates/times of your selected group coming up.

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  • We will bring our group curriculum  to your agency, church, school or other setting.
  • Well trained mental health  group leaders.
  • All supplies included
  • All groups are designed with the neuroscience of healing trauma in mind - using sensory and non-verbal expressive methods.
  • Use the registration form below or the contact us page  to suggest a group!

Child Parent Relationship Training (CPRT)                                     Next Start Date: 2017

What is CPRT?

Child-Parent Relationship Therapy is a unique approach to parenting. More than that, CPRT is a unique type of therapy. It is based on the belief that the relationship between caregiver and child is deep and authentic, and as such is the perfect conduit for therapy. By teaching caregivers through didactic instruction, demonstrations of play sessions, and supervision, a trained play therapist teaches caregivers how to use play as a therapeutic agent in the home. CPRT is the perfect compliment to play therapy and is ideal for generalizing the therapeutic progress your children may be experiencing in the playroom to the rest of their world. Just as importantly, CPRT targets the child-caregiver relationship in order to increase communication, positive child-caregiver interactions, and enjoyment of being a parent. 

How Does CPRT Work?

CPRT works on two levels by helping the children and the parents. On the parent side of things, CPRT helps caregivers to gain a greater understanding and acceptance of their children. Caregivers learn to effectively communicate, regain control as a parent, help children develop self-control, and effectively discipline and set limits. A trained play therapist teaches you basic child-centered play therapy principles and skills. Skills and principles include: reflective listening, recognizing and responding to children’s feelings, therapeutic limit setting, building children’s self-esteem, and how to structure weekly sessions with your children using specifically selected toys.  Caregivers will learn how to create a therapeutic environment that enhances the child-caregiver relationship. CPRT helps children to trust, learn boundaries, and accept limits. Behaviors and relationships then improve!

The group will be led by Amy Reamer, LMFT,  Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. She may be assisted by another  professional.

Groups are forming now - CPRT involves an individual/couple intake session (45 minutes) and 10 group sessions, each 2 hours in length. 

Pre-Registration must be done by phone 804-307-2801 or the form below. 

Payment is due in full at intake session, debit/credit card, cash, check, CSA funds accepted. $299 per person, $399 per parenting couple.  


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