Addressing the Needs of theHeart with the Brain in Mind

Heart and Mind Therapy

"Indeed, if the Decade of the Brain redefined mental disorders as brain disorders, recent research suggests that mental disorders are really developmental brain disorders, caused by disruptions in the circuitry map of the developing brain." Dr. Tom Insel, MD

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Developmental trauma, which describes the impact on a child's developing brain when experiencing trauma or neglect the first few years of life, alters and/or halts areas of development.  

If you think of the brain as a building - the foundation is being constructed in utero until around age 3.  If trauma and neglect have caused cracks in the foundation, further construction on the above floors is going to be delayed or there are going to be problems in the construction.  

Many therapies and other interventions are aimed at working on the floors above the foundation, however if the foundation is not repaired first - repairs will likely be short lived and problems will resurface.  We assess for these early developmental issues including trauma and attachment as described in the video to be able to recommend therapies aimed at the area in most need and in the order necessary.  Our Tame Your Tiger Brain Training Program was started to address foundation issues and make other therapies more effective and efficient. 

Contact our clinical director Amy Reamer, LMFT, RPT if you have questions about developmental/complex trauma.